About me

Hi, my name is Sebastian Kołtun and I’m JavaEE programmer from Poland with 4 years of commercial experience and couple of years of non-commercial programming. I’ve started programming as undergraduate of computer science in Elbląg National University. All begun with C#, then I moved to C/C++, PHP and at last, but I hope not least, to Java.

I decided  to write this blog in English cause I think it’s more IT friendly.
The blog started with idea of a notebook in which I will share my thoughts and solutions of programmer daily problems and maybe some Atmega projects as well.
In my free time I like photography therefore I will include some photos in published posts. I’m passionate of Arduino projects, film music and I play a little on the piano.
Currently I’m living and working in Sopot, but it could change in the future 🙂

You can contact me by E-mail or find me on LinkedIn, Twitter